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FAQ about Nevada Law Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Firm and the On-Line Legal Services We Provide

Q. How secure is my client page?

A. All client home pages utilize the https protocol. This means that any data transfer between your client page and our server is transferred at the highest security level possible.

Q. How secure is the data I provide to you within the online Questionnaire?

A. When you answer the Question in a Rapidocs Questionnaire your answers are enclosed within a Rapidocs "envelope" which itself is 128-bit encrypted. This is the highest level of security. Only our law firm has access to this data and your relationship is protected by the lawyer/client privilege. We have taken extra steps to make sure that no unauthorized party will ever have access to your data.

The only personal information that is stored on our server is your essential contact information, including your email address. We use this information to create an account for you where your Rapidocs files are stored or we use this information to contact you about your documents.

Access to the client database, which contains your contact information only, is restricted and subject to the confidentiality requirements of the Attorney/Client relationship and the Privacy Guidelines of this web site.

Q. What is your Contact Information?

A. We will try to answer your phone call or email within one business day. Our contact information is as follows:

Nevada Law Online
3202 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89102
702-878-8778 (office)
702-878-9350 (fax)
Email: contact us here