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Welcome to Nevada Law Online, Nevada's first virtual law firm.

There was a time when you only had two choices to get your legal documents prepared in Nevada:

  • retain a full-service lawyer and pay considerable, up-front costs and high hourly fees, or
  • purchase forms from a non-lawyer document preparation or legal forms company and pray that you are doing the right thing.

Now there is a third way. We use the best components from the above two choices to provide you cost-effective and efficient, limited legal services regarding Nevada law. "Limited legal services" means we provide only a limited scope of legal services as requested and purchased by you. Our relationship with you will not exceed the limited scope of the work we agree to perform on your behalf. We focus on preparing your legal documents and enabling you to execute and file your documents yourself to keep your legal fees as low as possible. Our commitment to you is to provide you legal services at the lowest possible costs, without compromising the quality of our legal services. See Our Advantage.

How It Works

As a law firm licensed to practice in the state of Nevada, we offer lawyer-reviewed documents specific to the state of Nevada. Our fixed pricing includes legal advice sufficient for you to confidently utilize these legal forms and documents. We also offer answers to general legal questions by phone or email on a per-use basis. For a complete list of services we can perform for you, click here.

Remember: Only a law firm can give you legal advice.

A forms company cannot provide you with legal advice and adds very little for the fee they charge, such as making sure that you spell your name correctly! A non-lawyer document preparation company is no more than a high-priced "typing service" and is not permitted to change or modify the information you provide in any way.

Compare Our Services to the Leading Forms Company

Benefit Nevada Law Online Example: LegalZoom.com
Legal Advice Included Yes No
Fast turnaround of documents Yes No
Custom Drafting of documents Yes No
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Learn more about Cap & Kudler, the law firm providing services through Nevada Law Online.

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